Now: Mozart’s opera “Cosi fan Tutte”

Remember what it was like to be a teenager in love? How it seemed like it could never possibly end? How you and your “steady” were so right together that you couldn’t even imagine being apart?


Mozart’s COSÌ FAN TUTTE from de Dutch Touring Opera, a new production from the Dutch Touring opera with an international cast and crew.


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“He displayed boundless enthusiasm and intensity”

– Maria Ewing, American opera singer

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– Benjamin Zander, international  conductor and author of the inspiring book ‘The Art of Possibility’

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Inspiring, new feeling, something that really has to grow within you

– student orchestra – conducting

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Dutch conductor Arnaud Oosterbaan was launched into the national spotlight when he was awarded the…..more »

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Arnaud Oosterbaan is currently working on Mozart’s opera Cosi fan Tutte for The Dutch Touring Opera…..more »

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Besides performing, Oosterbaan is dedicated to teach young passionate musicians. Currently he is a member of…..more »

“I have gained a reliable image of Arnaud’s musical qualities; especially his almost unstoppable urge to want to fathom a score to its single last note, as well as his analytical ability to actually do so.”

Professor of Music Theory at the The Hague Royal Conservatory