Carmina Burana – Parcifal College



Educational project:
Carmina Burana with over 250 teenagers from the Parsifal College in Groningen.


Each year the Parsifal College in Groningen organizes a Spring Concert with all of the students and teachers. Both concerts in the Oosterpoort Groningen were a great success and completely SOLD OUT.


Music teacher Gijs van Rhijn (“one of the most inspiring people I have worked with”) prepared  a wonderful music-theater programme for the first half of the concertwith the younger teens. After the break Arnaud Oosterbaan conducted the Carmina Burana with over 250 teens, a children’s choir and full orchestra.


“After the last chord the public went crazy over the incredible  performance by these teens.”
“It’s amazing how the teenagers and musicians emerged themselves fully in the score. All the students knew the piece by heart… they all loved the music!”


19 maart 2014

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