Tristan und Isolde – Dutch National Touring Opera


Tristan und Isolde

Dutch National Touring Opera
Arnaud Oosterbaan -assistant conductor/Chorus master


Tristan and Isolde have fallen in love – but Tristan has promised that Isolde will marry his uncle, King Marke. Isolde offers Tristan a deathly potion. Rather than bring death, it binds them still closer together. After her marriage to Marke, Isolde continues to meet Tristan in secret. One night they are betrayed, and Tristan allows himself to be wounded. King Marke permits the lovers to be reunited, but too late. Tristan dies on Isolde’s arrival and Isolde withdraws from the world.


Team and Cast:
Conductor:  Antony Hermus
Director: Jakob Peters-Messer


Tristan: Robert Künzli
König Marke: Yorck Felix Speer
Isolde: Claudia Iten
Kurnewal: Sebastian Noack
Melot: Andrew Rees
Brangäne: Anne-Marie Owens
Ein junger Seemann/Ein Hirt: Gregory Warren


19 mei 2013

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